031aMascarpone is a cheese obtained from the cream of milk. It is typical of some areas of Lombardy. The name seems to derive from the slang word mascherpa or mascarpia, which indicates ricotta or cream of milk. The precise origins of this milk derivate are not known, but its production and use, surely date back to various centuries ago. Traditionally mascarpone was only produced during the cold season while today you can find it all year round. It looks like a soft, consistent cream, white-pale yellow in color, with a very sweet flavor. It has to be consumed fresh because tends to rapidly turn rancid. In the kitchen it is used with other ingredients for the preparation of sweet creams: liquors, sugar, cacao, eggs, cookies.


Country of Origin: Italy
Cheese Type: Spread Cheese
Milk Type: Cow
Wine Pairing: Young fresh whites slightly fruity: Vermentino, young Chardonnay, Soave, Bianco di Custoza, Pinot Grigio, Nosiola, Greco di Tufo.