Gorgonzola Dop

005 bGorgonzola P.D.O. is an ancient cheese, although as other alimentary products which belong to an old tradition, has not an official birth act. It has a "Lombarda" origin and derives its name from an homonymous town near Milan. Gorgonzola P.D.O. sensorial features are due to different moulds, that create small   grey-green or blue strings. The presence of moulds is defined with the word "erborinatura". Production area: Provinces of Bergamo, Biella, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Cuneo, Lecco, Lodi, Milano, Novara, Pavia, Vercelli.


Country of Origin: Italy
Cheese Type: Washed rind
Milk Type: Cow
Wine Pairing: GORGONZOLA CREMIFICATO: White wines or rosè soft and mineral (Riesling, Pinot Bianco, Malvasia friulana, Lagrein, Bardolino Chiaretto, Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo) GORGONZOLA PICCANTE: Red structured and thick body wines or late harvest and sauternes (Barolo, Barbaresco, Amarone, Bolgheri. Passito di Pantelleria, Marsala Vergine, Recioto, Muffato della Sala)